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Rewilding A mountain

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The film


The sagebrush sea is a landscape of stark beauty and captivating wildlife, yet rapid desertification and extractive industries threaten this vast basin. But at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Southeastern Oregon, a different story unfolds. New aspen explode alongside thriving creeks, migratory birds travel thousands of miles to nest in willow branches and even the endangered sage grouse seem to be recovering in the uplands. This film unravels an unsettling controversy that challenged the core identity of the West and follows a team of scientists who ask the question: what happened here?

At a moment when public lands are under attack, fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce and climate change demands severe action, Hart Mountain may serve as a lesson deeply needed, if we’re willing to listen.





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Trip founded Balance Media and has worked with National Geographic for over a decade. His films have won awards around the world and aired on major networks on every continent. Trip focuses on issues that are at a tipping point. His passion for making the world more just and sustainable is fueled by running rivers and surfing waves in Oregon and far beyond.


With a background in cultural anthropology, Sara brings the slow, intentional approach of ethnography into her storytelling. From documenting community-based fisheries along the Mesoamerican Reef to restoration of native food sovereignty in Maine, Sara has been making award-winning films and shorts with Balance Media for five years.



William is a distinguished professor of ecology at Oregon State University and has been conducting ecosystem restoration studies at Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. He was the initiator of the award winning film “Lords of Nature: Living in a Land of Great Predators”.